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Here's a simple test to find out how far we've been running CRM

(answer : do not agree, somewhat disagree, somewhat agree, disagree) - The answer is a reflection on your company's CRM implementation:
  1. Customers know how to contact the sales team (by phone or electronically)
  2. Customers know how to contact the support group (by phone or electronically)
  3. Sales reps know how customers should contact the support group
  4. Support reps know how customers should contact the sales group
  5. There are existing, documented (written) processes for handling customer queries
  6. Sales and support reps can locate the documented processes for their area within 2 minutes if they are unclear about them
  7. There are well-defined metrics for customer-focused activities
  8. Customer-focused employees have formal objectives that relate to the metrics
  9. There is a defined, documented (written) process for creating new knowledge base documents
  10. The knowledge base is growing daily
  11. When you hire someone, it takes less than one business day to create a new account for that individual
  12. The tool improvement request with the highest priority is less than 3 months old
  13. You are using a commercial CRM tool
  14. You are running your tool on a release that is currently supported by the vendor
  15. Important customer information is accessible within the tool (rather than in a file cabinet or unrelated system)
  16. There is a customer portal available to conduct sales and support business
  17. Customers require no training to use the portal
  18. Your CRM tool supports a knowledge base
  19. Line managers are getting regular metrics that are immediately meaningful for them (with no Excel massaging required)
  20. E-mail from customers is automatically loaded into the system (no manual cut and paste)
  21. Knowing the name of a customer, a sales employee needs less than 1 minute to locate the assigned sales rep, pending deals and existing support cases
  22. Knowing the name of a customer, a support rep needs less than 1 minute to locate the assigned sales rep and existing support cases
  23. It takes less than 4 hours to train a new hire to use the system
  24. Creating a new account in the system can be done in less than 5 minutes by someone without a programming, technical background
  25. Sales reps can enter a new prospect into the system in less than 2 minutes
  26. Support reps can enter a new case for an existing customer in less than 2 minutes
  27. A support manager can get a list of the current open support cases in less than 2 minutes
  28. A sales manager can get a current forecast in less than 2 minutes
  29. A marketing manager can get a hit rate of the last 3 campaigns within 2 minutes
  30. The current system costs less than $1,000 per employee per year to maintain

Joko Ristono

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